EHR Optimization to Combat Coronavirus

First and foremost, thank you to the healthcare providers on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus.

Electronic health record (EHR) vendors have implemented new solutions to help limit the spread of Coronavirus and reduce clinician burden. You can read the whole EHR Intelligence article here, or read our summary below.

Epic Systems, Allscripts, and athenahealth are all working to optimize their systems amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

"Epic is utilizing its Care Everywhere interoperability network to allow both Epic users and users of other vendors know about potential exposure risks, while also sharing patient travel screening information and infection status." This is a big step for interoperability, and demonstrates how healthcare will be changed for good in this outbreak. Epic is also expanding their virtual visit opportunities so that patients can receive care from home.

"With the need for telehealth to be implemented, Allscripts created a plan for users to implement telehealth using its patient portal platform. This plan allows implementation and training to occur within days.

Using this platform, clinicians can reach out to patients to figure out alternative care access, rather than the patient coming into the facility. This can limit the number of cancellations, no-shows, and lessen the number of patients who are in the facility." Once again, these changes show how the healthcare industry will very rapidly be changed for good in response to this pandemic.

"athenahealth is using its services to help providers make quick decisions to create a better and easier workflow to fight the coronavirus.

The company has deployed a handful of updates to its EHR solution:

  • Nightly software updates that align with existing product structures, including order sets, social history questions, and more

  • athenahealth partnered with epocrates, a mobile medial reference app, that provides access to the latest CDC guidance to allow clinicians to make informed decisions

  • Ensuring COVID-19 commercial lab tests are available for ordering within the workflow

  • Utilizing its telehealth partnerships for enhanced patient management and triage

  • Launching online schedule to allow patients to make appointments to reduce medical staff burden"

As the situation continues to develop, vendors will continue to adapt to help providers and populations stay healthy. We hope to be a part of the solution as telehealth becomes more and more important. If you would like to learn more or get involved, please reach out or book a meeting here.

Stay well.

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